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March 13, 2013

Yay, today is the day that I start my collection series! I thought that I would start off with something easy and then move into a nail polish collection later on once i've gotten into the swing of things. Pretty much all of these books are super popular so you have most likely heard of them but I hope you enjoy anyways, and if you haven't read them yet I will be doing a little mini review (not a summary) of what I thought about the books. Also, some of the books I have yet to read because I am currently reading Lovely Bones right now for my English class, and also I read 2 books in about 2 weeks and I thought I should probably slow it down and space out my reading.

'hunger games, catching fire, and mocking jay' by suzanne collins
Alright let's start off with the hunger games... I went to see the movie about this time last year and I really enjoyed it, and I was one of those people that doesn't read the book and only watches the movie. I am trying to change that though, so for Easter my mom got me the first hunger games book and I read through it so quickly. They did make the book so similar to the movie that when I was reading it I got kind of annoyed that I already knew what was going to happen, but I guess that's my fault. Later on I got the second and first book, I really liked the second book and I hate to say it but I still haven't finished the third book. It just got really boring, but maybe if they make a third movie in like 3 years or whatever I will finish it but I highly doubt that.

'the perks of being a wallflower' by stephen chbosky
So if you haven't heard of this book or the movie, I don't even know what to say to you because this has been raved about everywhere. I honestly think this is a good book, and if you want to be one of those people that hates it just because its popular you can go right ahead. The reason I did read it was because the movie was coming out and I wanted to see what all of the fuss was about. It defiantly meets up to its high standards, and the movie captured the book perfectly. Go read the book if you haven't yet because it is one of those "must reads".

'its kind of a funny story' by ned vizzini
Ah yes, this book. It is one of those books that you can't go about your day without thinking about it at least once. The reason why it stuck in my mind is because during the time I was reading it, I was going through a really tough time and I think this book helped me through it. It has a really good plot to it so I suggest you google this book because I won't be able to explain it well enough. I started to watch the movie on Netflix and stopped about 20 minutes in and I still haven't finished it, maybe I should do that...

'the fault in our stars' by john green
See I told you, many very popular books. This is the first book I have read by John Green (don't hurt me), BUT I have bought a couple more which you will see soon! I finished this book in about 4 days because I couldn't bring myself to put it down. It is such a cute book and so moving, but I am sad to say that it didn't make me cry. I don't really cry because of books, or movies even so that would explain why... No wait, Marley and Me & The notebook made me cry but that is it! Anyways, if you want a really sad book that you can curl up on a rainy day with a cup of tea this is the book for you.

'thirteen reasons why' by jay asher
OH MY GOODNESS THIS BOOK! I love this book so freaking much, it is also one that I couldn't put down. It isn't as popular as the other one's but i'm pretty sure there is a hefty amount of people out there that have read it which probably explains why it is a nationwide bestseller. The cool thing about this book is you can go on youtube and hear the tapes that the girl has made, which would probably make more sense if you looked it up right now... Okay go ahead i'll wait for you............... Yeah it sounds pretty awesome right? That's why you need to go out right now and get it, i'm just saying.

'14,000 things to be happy about.' by barbara ann kipfer
 I'm not sure that I would call this a book, mostly because it's not the type of book you plan your whole day around to read. It is exactly what the title says, just a bunch of things the author wrote down that makes her and other people happy. I am only 30 pages into the book because I read through it whenever I am feeling a little low or need a bit of inspiration. I usually keep a highlighter attached to the book to highlight anything that stands out to me, if you get this book I suggest that you do the same! :)

'paper towns & looking for alaska' by john green
Ignore the fact that this picture includes a book that I have already mentioned. :) Okay so these are the two books that I have still not read because of the book that I am reading for school.  I heard that Looking for Alaska was really good and I thought I would buy another John Green book while I was at it so thats when Paper Towns comes in. Once I finish these books, I am hoping to by Will Grayson Will Grayson and An Abundance of Katherines because based on what they're about they sound pretty good.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked it and I hope you come back for more of my collection series :)

Love Karlee
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  1. Love 'it's kinda a funny story' also really like your shoes! So adorable!

    .Georgina Clare.

  2. Aggh I love the Hunger Games books so much it's unreal!
    Cosmetics, clothes and cute things (:

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing your book collection.. it's given me some ideas of what books I can read next...

  4. Love all of these books! I don't have 14,000 things to be happy about though, I definitely have been looking into purchasing it. Side note, I really love the font you used in the first picture haha

    1. I think you should, its so cute. ha thanks, it's just from some photo editing website :)

  5. Hi lovely! Thanks for the nice comment! And here i am, having a look at your blog! I think it's nice and really interesting, and this series thing absolutely is! I read the first book of hunger games, i quite liked it, and i was thinking about grabbing a copy of the second one! Then, i heard a lot about the book by john green,and after your review i'm def going to give it a go :) xxx

    1. Thank you, i'm glad you took a second out of your day :) Thank you so much! Yeah you should, I like the second book better. Heh i'm glad I can help

  6. I love Dan Brown's book, but perhaps I should read Catching Fire, before watching the movie :)

    1. hmm i've never heard of him before, i'll have to check him out! Yes good idea!

  7. JOhn Green is amzing (eventhought i havent read any of his stuff yet) My frineds tell me enough haha. They said looking for alaska is also really good. Loved all the books you showed. I needa get my hands on the John Green collection though.
    Obtw I wanna recommend you to an Irish author Cecelia Ahern, she writes reall good books too! :)

    1. Haha he's funny too, he makes youtube videos with his brother and he makes me laugh. Yea i'm excited to read the other books soon! :)
      Oh thank you, i'll be sure to look her up!

  8. John Green writes the loveliest books (: love all the books you showed!

  9. Hi! :) Thanks for commenting on my blog! I follow you now.

  10. amazing blog! :D

  11. I want to read Chbosky's "Perks..." for a long time!
    And "The Hunger Games" :D
    I 've heard it's nearly as good as "Harry Potter".

    thank you very much!
    plus I'm following!:)

    1. They both are really good! I've never read harry potter because well actually I don't know why haha

      Thank you very much! :)

  12. Thanks for visiting www.fashioninthisplace.com :) Love your blog i'm now following :) be great if you could follow me too! FITP xx

  13. lovely collection!x


  14. Hello Karlee! newest follower, found you from Abbie's blog welcometomypalace1998.blogspot.com. I absolutely love HG, you need to finish mockingjay urgently it is amazing! the other books look great I'll be sure to check them out!!!
    -DP :)

    ps Check out my blog @ thedramatispersona.blogspot.com

  15. Hi! I just came across your blog, it is so cool! You have a new follower :D I love your pictures, and your style


  16. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love perks of being a wallflower, it's such a good book, I'm looking forward to watching the film soon. The hunger games are amazing! xx

  17. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I love The Fault In Our Stars! One of my favourite books! Love your blog x

    Helena x

    1. No problem! It is such a cute book, and thank you :)

  18. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog!
    The first Hunger Games book was definitely the best. I call myself a Hunger Games fan, but I am sorry to say it all went downhill from there.
    I still haven't read anything by John Green, but I'm really hoping to soon! Everyone says his books are amazing!
    I really like your blog! <3


    1. You're welcome! Yeah I think that they shouldve just done one really good book and be done with it, there was no need for it to be a series. So i've heard! Thank you so very much! :)

  19. They actually all seem great! :) I'm already excited to find these books in bookstores

  20. Ohh great books! I hope to read my first John Green book this year, his writing is supposed to be beyond amazing

  21. you're into the exact same kinda books I am! i'm in love with your blog, it's so fresh and cute! now following you:) xxx