March 27, 2013

In the last couple of days I had been doing a few fun easter DIY's, including chocolate covered pretzels bird nests, what I got my friends for Easter, ANOTHER nails of the week, and bunny ear scrunchies! So let's get to it :)

This is what you will need for the chocolate nests...

  • wax or parchment paper
  • pretzels (the stick kind)
  • chocolate melting wafers (a plain chocolate bar will be fine also)
  • easter egg shaped chocolates

First you must melt down the chocolate in a double boiler, make sure you don't burn the chocolate because that has happened to me way too many times and it makes it very hard to work with.

Now once the chocolate is melted, you should have a bowl filled with your pretzels... I had to break my pretzels in half because I didn't want the nests to be really big but you do it however you would like! Pour a bit of melted chocolate and stir into the pretzels, keeping adding more until the pretzels are well coated but not so much that it is a chocolate and pretzel soup.

My mom ended up doing this next part because I guess I was too messy and not doing it right :( haha but anyways, spoon out the chocolate covered pretzels onto the parchment or wax paper and form into the shape of a nest.

While the nests are still wet, you're going to want to stick your chocolate eggs into the middle. If the nests have already dried on you, you can dip the bottom of the egg in your left over chocolate and stick it on. I did this to a few nests but I don't think it looked at nice because the layer of chocolate on the eggs were very noticeable.

Let them completely cool and you are all done! I gave these to my friends as a part of their easter present, but I still have one more thing to show you what I got them...

I got them these cute easter themed take-out boxes from micheals craft store, along with the plastic eggs and easter grass. Inside one of eggs in each box I put the left over chocolate eggs from the nests, and in the other I put a Essie nail polish that matched the colour of the easter egg. They really liked this idea, so if you're wondering what to put in someones easter basket, I suggest a bottle of nail polish in a plastic easter egg!

Today I made 3 scrunchies and I am absolutely in love with them! As you can see, I made 1 regular scrunchie and 2 bunny ear scrunchies. They are actually so easy to make and I can't wait to make more... It is inspired by the topshop bunny ear scrunchie for $8, and you could probably spend the same amount of money to buy your own materials and make tons of your own handmade scrunchies! If you want to see how I made these, just watch this video (which I used) below. 

Now enjoy some pictures of me being a model/bunny (AKA me doing the same pose in every picture)

OKAY, if you're still here I have one more easter thing for you... My new easter nails, I know my last post was already about my nails of the week but I wasn't really feeling the polka dots and I got a new blue nail polish that I wanted to try out so yeah that's why I changed my nails again.

Sally Hansen salon manicure "Barracuda"
This picture may be exaggerating the blue colour, but it is still suuuuper pretty!

Hope you enjoyed this easter post that was probably a little too easter, but thats okay because I think that we all should be in the easter spirit! I'm doing some fun things this long weekend with friends and family so I will most likely take pictures and tell you guys all about it! :)

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  1. so cool! love that awesome scrunchie and that manicure! I wanna do bunny nails so bad!! xoxo


  2. Those chocolate nests look really delicious! And I really love the scrunchie, goign to try the DIY when I get some time.