Pamper evening

March 02, 2013

 Yesterday I decided I should treat myself for getting through yet another week of school. I thought this would be something fun to blog about so I guess I will be taking you along with me during my "pamper routine"!
Bath essentials
I was looking through my little lush collection of bath bombs and was debating on what I wanted to use and I was feeling kind of pink... If you can even feel pink haha, and I chose the comforter bubble bar. This smells so amazing you seriously need to get your hands on this! I cut mine into quarters because its fairly large and I don't think my tiny bath could handle that many bubbles. For extra pinky smell (I guess I can smell pink too) I put a little bit of my snow fairy shower gel into the bath! I also have a candle from bath and body works that I usually burn while I am having a bath because it is a really nice and calming scent. I don't usually do my nails in the bath, but I decided to be a bit different and try it. So when I do my nails I use a cuticle stick, nail file, some sort of nail file that you use for the sides of your nails which I have no clue what it is called, my revlon crazy shine nail buffer, and some cuticle cutters. 

So I first just relaxed in the bath with my book which I am currently reading for english and made sure I was submerging my feet in the water to make my heels nice and soft. After reading a chapter or two, I put my hands under water for about 5-10 minutes to soften the cuticles. Next I pushed back my cuticles with my cuticle stick and cut my cuticles... bleh. I then put my hands under water once again for about 2 minutes just to soften my fingers once again, also because I cut too much of my cuticles and bled a little bit so don't be like me and go crazy. Now that my fingers were no longer bleeding, I used my nail file type stick and gently ran it along the sides of my nails to get whatever cuticles I left behind. Once that was over I filed my nails, which is pretty straight forward. I didn't need to file too much because my nails are pretty short at the moment... sadly. Okay so now that my nails are sanded down, I used my nail buffer to get some crazy shine! My nails are done for now, so I relaxed in the bath for a little bit longer, exfoliated my feet, then got out.

After bath essentials
Once I was out of the bath I lathered myself up with my palmers cocoa body butter applying extra to my feet and put on the fuzziest socks I could find. Then I put my curel hand cream on my hands and my sally hansen cuticle oil to make my cuticles extra soft.
My hands afterwards (still look pretty gross but I tried...)

This is the hard part... Deciding which nail polish you want to use. I wanted my nails to be purple but I didn't know whether to go light or dark.
Bahama Mama by Essie
But I went with dark because its still considered winter time and I should stick to dark colours for now.

I used a base coat that is supposed to prevent your nails from yellowing, and the seche vite fast dry top coat after my nails were painted. Which I have a love hate relationship with because I love how quickly it dries but it chips off so easily. One time I painted my nails, had a shower, and 3 fingers chipped, and not just a little chip at the corner, literally the whole nail of polish came off. So I think after I am done with this I am going to try a different seche vite top coat that isn't quick dry although that is my favourite part of this top coat.

So there you go, there was my little pamper evening, I hope you liked it :)

Love Karlee :)
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  1. Hey! Cute blog :) I find that if you put on polish then jump into the shower it tends to always come off because I get that problem. I don't recommend doing your nails right before a shower. I love nail polish though and would love more nail polish posts! :)

  2. Thank you! Yes I kind of thought that played a part in it, and thank you for the tip! :) I will be sure to do more!

  3. I also love bath and body works candles! Nice post! I am now following you :)

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