Review : Maybelline Color Tattoo

March 18, 2013

Time for a review of something that has already been raved about a million times yay! I had heard about these for so long and I decided to try them back in October, I bought the gold and taupe shade at the same time and I liked them so much that I went back for the other 2 shades.

30 Pomegranate Punk
I love to wear this colour on the outer V of my eyelid because it is the perfect shade of red to wear on your eyes without making them look irritated but I still wouldn't suggest wearing it as an all over shadow. The colour pay off is beautiful, I found that I only need a couple swipes and some blending them i'm good to go!

35 Tough as Taupe
I am not too impressed by this colour, it goes on really pretty but when I try to blend it out it goes very murky and a weird mixture of grey and brown. So when I wear it I try to put it in a spot that needs minimal blending such as the lower lash line. 

05 Too Cool
This shade is perfect for putting in the inner corner because the colour shows up more intense in certain lighting. It isn't good for using as a base to layer bright shadows over top, because it goes on sheer and shimmery.

45 Bold Gold
Bold Gold is by far my favourite shade that I own, it goes on and blends very smoothly. After applying this, I like to pack on Urban Decay's "half baked" because it adds more to the gold and really makes my green eyes pop!

For the overall texture I think that is is good, but a little bit dry and clumpy. When I use my finger to pick up the product it is hard to get it evenly distributed all over my finger because it tends to clump from the dry consistency. After I put it on my eyelid and blend it in a little bit it soon goes away so I guess that there is no reason to complain!

I know that I will be buying more of the color tattoo's because they have so many beautiful colours and i'm well impressed by them. 

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  1. I'm really loving gold eyeshadows right now. I've heard of this product, but I'll definitely try to go out and buy it now!

  2. I still haven't tried these, but the gold is gorgeous!
    now following your lovely blog :)

    1. The gold is super pretty!
      Awh thank you so much :)

  3. love these products, so easy to apply and it's stays so well;)x

    1. They are amazing, they do live up to their name of 24 hour wear :)

  4. I really have to buy them ! I don't own any. T^T