Growing out my hair - Tips and tricks to growing out your hair

May 20, 2013

The other night I was scrolling through all of my embarrassing photos on Facebook, and while looking I noticed how long my hair has grown. This gave me hope that I can get the hair length that I want, and my hair care routine seems to be working towards it. That is why I am going to share with you what I do to my hair and hopefully document it's growingness (?) overtime. It will probably be a looong time until I do an update on my hair length since it doesn't just happen over night sadly.

Now i'm going to tell you a short story about my hair because this hair care routine may work for some people but not for others. Pretty much all of my tips are things you should be doing for your hair anyways, to keep it healthy and hopefully increase hair growth. You don't have to do any of these things if you don't want to, but for me they work the best... Okay here is a little history about my hair.

My hair story:

My hair has always been pin straight, I used to hate it because it would never hold a curl (until for some reason one day it just started to... I don't know what did that but thank god!) It is also super fine. When I was 9 my grandma took me to get a perm, um ya I hated it and cried a lot. That grew out pretty quickly after my constant brushing and attempt at straightening it. Now when I was 12/13 I started dying my hair, black, blonde hilights, many shades of brown, and also pink and yellow extensions... I was really cute okay ahah. When I was 14 my hair was just hitting my stomach (so a bit longer than it is now) and stupid me cut it to a bit below my shoulders. I actually did like it for a while because it was so easy to work with and brush. I kept dying my hair for a while and my hair was barely growing. Here is a picture of me the beginning of last year..

mmh bangs
As you can see, it is still very short. It's that awkward length where it isn't short, but also isn't long. The last time that I dyed my hair was in August 2012, and I did a bit of ombre on the front of my hair. I don't like how it is anymore, because the ombre doesn't go all the way around but I am happy with how it blended together. I really want to get rid of it, but I told myself I'm not dying it anymore until it is at the length I want it. Also, for a few months (estimate: April-September) I was getting 1/2in - 1in trims on my hair which contributed to why it wasn't growing. But I will explain that later!

What products works for my hair:

  • Wide tooth comb | I need to brush my hair after I get out of the shower or else I will have a huge rats nest once it dries. If you use a regular brush when your hair is wet, it will pull on the fragile-when-wet hair and pull out a few strands of much needed hair. A wide tooth comb is better for your hair because, well I really don't know why haha I just know it is the best to use for when your hair is wet :)
  • Mane 'n Tail | This shampoo and conditioner is supposed to be very good for your hair and it does make my hair incredibly soft. I don't use it very often because it makes my hair very greasy, and I wash my hair every second day so when I use these I will only do it on days where I have to wash my hair and it's not the second day.
  • Current shampoo and conditioner | Honestly, I just use whatever shampoo and conditioner we have in the house at the moment. Currently we are using the Banana shampoo and conditioner from the Body Shop, I am not a big fan of it because it make my hair feel a tad bit dry. But the smell is heavenly!
  • Dry shampoo | Since I do only wash my hair every second day, dry shampoo is my best friend. I love the Batiste dry shampoo, especially the one in the tropical scent. 
  • Hair oil | I love using hair oil on my hair right after I get out of the shower. I have been using this specific one for a long time now and I do really like it. It is the One n' Only Argan oil, I purchased the 2fl oz bottle for $10 from Sally Hansen beauty supply and it's lasted me a long time.
  • Heat protectant | I haven't used heat on my hair for about 2 months now (minus the 1 time I blow dried it, and the 1 time I curled my bangs), but before that i would use heat about once or twice a week. I suggest that you DON'T use heat on your hair, but if you must then please use a heat protectant. I really like the TRESemme heat tamer spray, the spray nozzle distributes the product very well and it makes my hair super soft after using heat.

 Things I do:

  • Hair trims | I've heard "cut your hair every 6 weeks by a 1/2in if you want your hair to grow" many many times. I used to believe strongly in this, but let me tell you something... It's bullshit. My hair wasn't growing at all because every time it did grow, I went and chopped it off. You should only go in for these regular trims if you have split ends in your hair. If you have split ends and don't cut them off, the split ends could work their way up your hair and prevent your hair from growing. So only trim your hair if you have split ends, if not then you just grow it out girl.
  • Second day hair | I don't feel like this has contributed to my hair growth, but it does have many benefits. If you wash your hair very frequently, you are training your hair to produce more natural oils making your hair even more greasy than before. Another benefit is that those natural oils are there to keep your hair soft and healthy and if you're constantly washing them away your hair will loose its strength.
  • No heat | I already talked a bit about this but I am just going to continue with it a little more. It is very well known that heat is no good for your hair. It is very easy for me to go without heat because my hair dries quickly and straight, but for others it can be very difficult. I suggest doing a Youtube/Google search for different overnight hair tutorials for your hair type. My personal favourite is the pin curl or just putting my hair in a french braid overnight for natural texture. For girls with curly/wavy hair, AndreasChoice has great no-heat hair tutorials and amazing videos overall.
  • Hair mask | If I can, every Sunday I use a hair mask on my hair to prepare myself for the week. I haven't found an all time favourite product or homemade hair mask yet, but I love trying different ones out. 
  • Scalp massage | This one is kind of odd, but it is so relaxing. Before my shower I take 30 seconds to rub my scalp with the tips of my fingers, I do this to loosen up all of the residue on my scalp for a better clean. But I have also heard that this stimulates hair growth so that's a plus!
  • No dye | Dying your hair is bad bad bad, but many people need to do it for whatever reason and I understand that. I find that my hair is so much better when I don't dye it, though it does feel so soft after the dying process. This one is up to you whether you want to stop dying your hair because it is quite the decision but in the long run you'll be happy you did.

Things I should do:

  • Drink more water
  • Eat healthier
  • Take vitamins that benefit hair growth and strength (Biotin)
  • Attempt 3 day hair

This is my hair right now... My big goal is down to my hips, but i'll be happy if it at least hits my belly button. I have no clue how long this is going to take but I am willing to wait as long as I can to reach the hair length I am aiming for.

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...Love Karlee...

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  1. I'm trying to grow out my hair too. I had a bob up by my chin for years and it's so hard to get it past that awkward right at your shoulders length. Thanks for the tips :) xx

  2. I had a bob two years ago and now my hair is as long as you's! :) Growing it out is a pain though. I heard that avocados are really good for your hair, too.

    1. Oh wow that is actually really good, good job! Ah yes I have put avocados in my hair before, kind of chunky but it did feel soft after!

  3. I'm totally in love with dry shampoo, I have the same Batiste one! xoxo

  4. Batiste is the best! I have reviewed it on my blog I love it so much!
    Great story/advice, really helpful! Thank you!

    You have a lovely blog, I'm enjoying having a read though!

    Love, Lou xxx

    1. I'm going to go check out your review right now!
      You're welcome, thank you so much for reading :)

  5. Sorry about all the comments haha you may have guessed I enjoy reading your blog!

    Took me ages to grow my hair to length I wanted it (would still love it longer but thank the Lord I dont need extensions anymore - hose things are horrific!)

    Keep growing it, dont give up! It'll be worth it

    Hannah xx