May Favourites!

May 29, 2013

May is almost over and you know what that means, monthly favourites :) I always thought that spring just disappears, I remember summer, fall and winter every year, but spring goes by so quickly that I don't remember any of it! Thats what happened this month, guess I haven't done anything memorable enough this month. 

Essie 'mod square' & Revlon 'matte top coat'
Last week I was wearing this nail combo consisting of a pink colour and a matte top coat. It reminds me of barbie nails because when barbies have their nails painted its usually a colour like this and matte because of the plastic. If that made any sense haha

Vitamin E 'moisturizing day cream'
I showed this item in a haul last week which you can see here, I got it from my pen pal Beth from England! I'm in love with this moisturizer, it isn't sticky and actually smells really good for a facial moisturizer! It has SPF 15 too which is a big bonus for my easily-burnt skin.

Fashionista 'shade 11'
I got this too from Beth, when I first saw it I wasn't sure that I would like it (oops sowwy). Until I tried it on the next morning and wow is it great, it is the perfect everyday blush for my skin tone. Its very pigmented but it doesn't look bad if you went a little overboard on the blush.

I am so surprised that I have never mentioned this before, and that I haven't put it in every monthly favourite post. I have been using Bioderma for about 5 months and loved it from the start! If you're in the market for a good all around makeup remover I suggest you check out Bioderma. It is a little bit pricey so what I did was buy the smallest sized bottle to test it out and see if I liked it, which as you can tell, I did.

Maybelline Vivids 'vibrant mandarin'
This was also in my most recent haul! This lipstick is so bright and perfect for the warm weather when neon's are popping up everywhere! It is a really creamy lipstick and it doesn't dry out my lips as much as some other lipsticks do. I think I will be checking out some other colours from this line in the future.

Crop top... From Garage
If you've been checking out my outfits of the week posts lately you would have noticed that i've been wearing these crop tops from Garage A LOT! I love to wear them with high waisted items, I don't know why I have been loving this look. These crop tops are less expensive than the ones from American Apparel, but I am still thinking about going over there to splurge on one.

Starbucks 'fruit & oat cookie'
IMAGE FOUND ON GOOGLE LOL... I didn't really have the cookie with me to take a photo so here is a picture thanks to google. For some reason I have been going to Starbucks a lot recently, and what I have been ordering is a Green Tea Lemonade and a fruit and oat cookie. My mom suggested I try it and I am soooo glad she did. I used to get the lemon loaf as something to snack on but this is defiantly my new favourite. If you're looking for something new to munch on at Starbucks please please please try this cookie!

Sometime around last week I started watching H20: Just Add Water, I used to see it on TV a lot and never really watched it. When I saw it on Netflix something about it said to me "this will be your new guilty pleasure tv show" and it was right! Anything to do with the thought of mermaids fascinates me, you can go ahead and say that mermaids aren't real but I will fully disagree.

Yes it's very sad that my phone is cracked blah blah blah, but what i'm trying to show you is my next favourite which is Vine! I've been loving making random little videos of whatever I can when i'm bored, I don't know how I find that so entertaining... You can follow me if you want but my friends weren't able to find me by searching my name. But if you want you can try typing in my name, so good luck :)

I've been REAAAALLY liking Bastille this month so 3/6 songs are Bastille, but I really like the other ones too! (I was listening to Red Hands on repeat for like a week)

That was my favourites this month, now comes June, then 2 months of Summer yaaaay! Hope you all had a great month, if you made a monthly favourites this month I would hope that you leave a link in the comments and I will pop over to your blog and take a look :) This is also my 50th post on my blog which is pretty cool, I never thought I would enjoy and keep up with my blog this much. It makes me really happy that I have so many readers(I think it's a lot anyways) too, thank you all!

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...Love Karlee...

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  1. That Maybelline lipstick is stunning! Love the Essie nail polish too xx

  2. The colour of the essie is so beautiful ! And the red lipstick is so vibrant !

    Your phone screen is badly cracked...

  3. Hi sweety!! I've just discovered your blog and i like it very much!!
    Beautiful pictures and it is indeed an amazing post!! :)
    Tell me about my new post in the water:

  4. Great great favorites! Loved this post :D