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May 18, 2013

Hey, happy Saturday! :) Yesterday I went to check the mail and noticed that my Ipsy bag for May had come in, i've been getting these since December/January and have never shared with you what I have received. So that is what I'm doing today... But sadly, each month I get more and more let down with the Ipsy bag. The packaging is terrible, I have received way too many broken products. I used to get Glossyboxes until I saw what great products Ipsy offered (this was near the time they just started and had products from Urban Decay and such). I think I may switch back to Glossybox but I am not too sure since they did raise their price. I guess I shouldn't complain to much about the ipsy bag, because the price is so cheap and there is good products in there every now and then! Well I will get on with what I got this month, but I would love to hear if you have any other monthly subscriptions you suggest!

The first thing I pulled out is this little yabby concealer, it is magnetic so it will go in the glamRX pallet that you may have gotten in last months bag. This concealer looks a little too yellow for me, but hopefully it will work.

I love getting nail polishes in these subscriptions, not too sure why, I just find it so exciting! This colour didn't impress me though, I put it on this morning and it doesn't look nice on my nails. It looks like a waaaaay too pale nude, but maybe it will make me look tanner?

Speaking of things that make you look tan, this next product is the thing that got me most excited... I have heard lovely things about St Tropez tanning stuff, but the downside is the price. So it is nice that I can try this out and if I like it, I can go out and get the full size.

First of all, I couldn't get a good swatch of this because it is just a clear gloss, but I do love the look that this one gives off! Second, I also don't have a picture of the packaging of this product because I guess I forgot. (But you can always look at the header photo) This lipgloss is made by Juice Beauty by the way!

The last thing I got is just meh. It's a translucent setting powder made by Mirabella, I'm not too excited about trying it because I love my Rimmel Stay Matte powder so much, but I will try it out anyways!

I almost forgot... I got a $110 off coupon for Nu-Me hair tools, I have heard so much about their hair tools so this is awesome. Most of the stuff on the website is over $130 so you aren't getting a free straightener (or whatever), but this is still a great deal. I don't use heat on my hair though, so this one goes out to my momma :)

Ipsy website: here

oh... and if you're one of those people that notices minor details (or read this and are now examining my photos), one of my dogs sleeps in my bed with me at night so that is why there is some nasty little dog hairs in some photos :(

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...Love Karlee...

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  1. You're so lucky to have the ipsy bag. It's the only monthly bag that I'd like to receive but they don't ship to my country.

    1. ha aw, well i'm not too impressed with it, but i'm sure you'l find something if you just keep looking!

  2. such a cool subscription package~! ^^ looking forward to your upcoming posts~!