My Summer Essentials.

July 06, 2013


It is incredibly hot outside and I've found that there are some things i've been using a lot more recently because of the heat. So today I am going to share with you some of my summer essentials and a few pictures near the end of how i've been spending my time in the sun!

There has been a fair amount of times where I have burnt my lips due to the sun. That's why I like using a lip balm with SPF, this is the one i've been grabbing because it is so moisturizing, has SPF 15, and smells like lemons :) The only downside is that it melts really easily...

On the last day of june I got a horrible sun burn, so bad that I had to stay inside and do nothing for a few days. My burn is still a little bit noticeable but the pain has gone away thanks to aloe vera gel! (though this is lidocaine gel, it still works the same) This should be a must for everyone in the summer because sun burns are horrible and aloe vera makes it just a bit more bearable.

Comfy flip flops or sandals are perfect for the beach because you'll be walking around in hot sand or pointy rocks and you want to keep your feet protected! I got these sandals from the brand Joe which they sell at superstore and I actually have 2 other colours because I love them so much! They may not be the cutest things around but they are so comfortable and I don't mind getting them wet.

Essie - Fifth Avenue
China Glaze - Ilse see you later
China Glaze - Celtic Sun
China Glaze - Shell-o
Neon nail polish is perfect for the summer because it glows in the sun and makes your toes look fabulous. If you read my miscellaneous haul blog post you would have seen that I mentioned 2 of these colours and that I said China Glaze has the best neon polishes-- which I still stand by.

I've talked about these Garage crop tops far too many times so it's pretty obvious that they are an essential for me.

After sun lotion - If you have a sun burn I would recommend aloe vera instead of this lotion since it doesn't work as strongly. But it is good after a long day of being in the sun and if you need a bit of moisture back in your skin.

Sheer touch sunscreen - I hate getting sunscreen in my hair so this is perfect, I just apply it with my hair up and wait for it to sink in for about 2 minutes until I can take my hair down and it wont get greasy! I prefer to use this sunscreen if I know i'm not going in the water or I won't be going in long because it isn't waterproof.

Tanning oil - I like to tan but I don't like to burn, so instead of sitting out in the sun with no SPF at all I like to know I have at least a little bit of protection with a tanning oil.

I love anything from Hawaiian Tropic because everything smells so good, even the sunscreen!

FujiFilm Z33 WP
My last essential is an underwater camera, I love to take pictures with my friends and its even more fun when we can go underwater. The pictures usually turn out really funny because of our faces trying to hold our breath underwater hah...

Here are some pictures taken with the camera.

You can see right up my nose, how beautiful...

Paddle Boarding!

Bathing suit is from walmart :)
And here are some other random pictures.

This looks like one of my grade 5 selfies and I kind of like it.
The pretty lady driving is vanessa and she has a blog too (check it out)

Maybe next time i'll make sure to have pictures in a different post because I didn't think I had this many I wanted to include.

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...Love Karlee...

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  1. Bright nail polishes are a must have ! Crop tops as well !