Adventures - Kalamalka lake

August 07, 2013

Today I went to Kalamalka lake in Vernon, BC which is about an hour long drive from where I live. The reason I wanted to go to this lake is the water is so warm (24 degrees celsius) and such a nice colour of green. I had to convince my step dad to take us because last time he brought the boat there we had some issues with the weather and the boat got a bit of damage. Near the end of todays trip we had to leave because it started to rain really bad, like the drive back was actually painful from the rain drops which felt like little bullets. Anyways, we did end up loving the rain while we were docking the boat because it was fun and we had a great laugh. Now I am going to share with you some photos that I took today!

There we go! I haven't written a blog post in a while and its not that I don't have time, its just that I haven't really felt motivated. But I will be trying to do my late monthly favourites in the next couple days and there should be a nails of the week up tomorrow!

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...Love Karlee...

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