Very late, July favourites!

August 16, 2013

Ahhh finally I am doing my July favourites! I didn't think I was going to end up doing them but here we are, half way through August haha. I haven't really felt like blogging lately, it just doesn't seem fun any more so there may not be many posts here but who knows maybe in like a week i'll get out of this funk and go back to posting regularly!

My first favourite is actually a candle from bath and body works (surprise surprise), and it is called poolside! It smells exactly like old school sunscreen and I actually like that smell so this is perfect if i'm saying at home but wishing I was at the beach.

I got this nail polish in the middle of July because I have wanted it from seeing it on pretty much every girl haha. This colour is in between a light blue and a turquoise so I think its super unique and perfect for a summer pastel!

My friend Austyn gave me this face mask for my birthday and it is peeeeerfect, the smell is so relaxing and it calmed my skin down from these crazy break outs ive been getting. I have actually used this whole thing up because it expired 2 weeks after she gave it to me so I used it every night right before going to bed. I am saving the pot in case I decided I want to buy more face masks so that I can bring 5 empty pots in and get a free pot product!

This is probably my favourite favourite for July, not because of the colour because i'm not too wowed by the shade I chose, but because of the formula. It is so hard to describe but it is dry but smooth at the same time. Target is starting to open in Canada and there is actually one about 20 minute drive from where I live so me and my mom went right when it opened on its first day to get everything before it was gone. I was so happy when they had this NYX lip cream because no where else here sells them, so next time i'm at Target I will be picking another one of these up! Also there are 2 more things in here from Target because I never got to do a haul so this is like 2 posts in one.

In grade 8 I used to sell Avon products, I probably only made 3 sales and the rest were from my mom and I buying things haha, annnnyways I bought this foot spray because it sounded interesting and the scent sounded nice. I think I only used it a couple of times and then put it away until I found it again in July. I keep this in my Gym bag for when I switch shoes after working out, it cools my foot for like a second but keeps my feet smelling wonderful... feet talk, gross? ya

I got these shoes from Target and this girl in my school actually has these but brown with gold sparkles and I envied them but I am trying to stay away from buying brown shoes because although they may be cute they aren't the easiest to style. When I found the shoes and in black I couldn't resist :) They aren't very comfortable but they are suer cute!

My favourite lip products ever are the Revlon lip butters and my friend and I were in Shoppers drug mart when we saw that these were on sale for $4 when they are usually around $6. I love this colour because it is like my lips but a bit pinker, if that makes any sense...

I have filled up my jar with memories in the month of July, I don't know how I am going to squeeze 4.5 more months into there!

Last thing from Target is this bathing suit, I remember saving it on my Wanelo account but never thinking I was going to be able to find it when I went to the store! I have a couple other bathing suits but I always go for this one because it fits perfectly and I love the shape of the top.

My last favourite is actually a food, vanilla greek yogurt! Every morning after I wake up I have a bowl of blueberries, banana, and vanilla greek yogurt before I grab my bike and bike over to the gym.

There were my favourites for last month! School is sadly starting in a couple weeks so even if I don't do many posts there will for sure be OOTW posts once a week after school starts!

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...Love Karlee...

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  1. Great favorites!! Ugh, I want Essie's Mint Candy Apple but I can't seem to find it! I also love that bathing suit(:

    I invite you to check out my new blog, more posts to come soon!