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March 07, 2014

Recently I have been making tons of money at work and i've been putting tons in my savings, but I also deserve to treat myself since I seem to have a lot of money left over (score).
Whenever I have the opportunity to shop online, I can never remember the things I've really wanted or I just won't be able to find anything I want. Today I signed up for a student online visa debit or whatever it is, so in a week or so I will be able to shop online without my moms card :) So this post is just for me to come back to so that I can buy buy buy, when I really should save save save...

Lime Crime makeup

Carousel Gloss, shade 'snowsicle' $17
Opaque Lipstick, shade 'D'lilac' $18
Not too sure I would ever wear this, ever. But I guess everyone needs a yolo lipstick right? Maybe?

Opaque Lipstick, shade 'babette' $18
This one is still a little daring, but not as much as the purple so this would be more wearable for me.

Velvetine, shade 'red velvet' $20
Eyeliner, shade 'lunar sea' $14
I saw a picture on someones instagram of them wearing this eyeliner and it looked so cool and very opaque so I think I would enjoy playing around with this.

Tuk shoes

Black Suede Low Sole Creeper, $80
I'm still obsessed with the le-happy blog and the girls style and she is always wearing creepers so now I am determined to buy myself a pair. I feel like if I got the regular ones with the higher sole I would never wear them because I would feel self conscious for whatever reason, so I think my best bet is to go with the low sole version.

BH cosmetics

Galaxy chic baked eyeshadow pallet, $15

120 color eyeshadow pallet, 3rd edition
39 color special occasion shadow and blush pallet

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