I've been absent...

July 22, 2014

So i've been gone for a couple months and a few things have happened...

I graduated high school!!! (also had my prom in may)

makeup from grad ceremony

dress under my grad gown

Dyed the top half of my head bright red! (regret not dying the whole thing and having pink ends but oh well theres always next time)

Moving houses!

current house reminiscing in the moonlight

drinks with sam at the new house then spent the night

now just 2 random pics for no reason haha

I turn 18 in 3 days so thats exciting, I don't have much planned that day i'll probably just force my boyfriend to take me to the kangaroo sanctuary haha

yeah i haven't been doing much lately besides working at good ol' subway and hanging out at the new house while its still being renovated.. heres a lil selfie of me right now sitting on the floor where the computer currently resides.

alrightyyy goodbye for now! (I'm hoping to do more makeup looks and post them here but i haven't been doing my makeup recently because i hate wearing makeup to work and thats pretty much all I've been doing lately, but I'm going makeup shopping soon so ill be sure to slap some on my face soon enough)

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  1. you look nice and Prety.... nice to meet you @angkisland