Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops Review & Swatches

February 12, 2017

Good morning, today I wanted to have a quick chat about the new(ish) custom enhancer drops by Cover FX. I received the shade celestial for Christmas and I haven't been able to put it down. This product is so universal in the amount of ways that it can be used. It can be mixed into your foundation for an all over dew to the face, used on its own for a intense wet highlight, or my personal favourite under a powder highlight for a SUPER intense highlight.

Celestial is the lightest shade of the range and perfect for pale skin, it is a pink/white highlight so I wouldn't recommend it for darker skin tones as it would appear as a noticeable stripe of highlight on the face (unless you're into that, you do you).

As far as the texture goes the product is very much a liquid so it looks very natural on the skin. If too much is used, the glitter in the product does become quite noticeable which is when it can start looking unnatural. But I think that is great in a sense, some days a highlight is needed just to brighten up the face where as for a night out the highlight can transform into a flashier look when more of the drops are used.

I just wanted to mention that the dropper on this product works just as it should, I know of some other products with a dropper wand where the liquid flows out without even squeezing the dropper and becomes very messy. With this dropper it keeps the product in the tube until you squeeze when you actually want the product to come out. I just thought that was something good to note because when thinking of a liquid product most people think mess, but not with the Cover FX drops!

Overall I would give this product a 4/5 and would really recommend it because it's just so stinking pretty! If you wanted to purchase it for yourself, I got mine off of Beautylish.

Cover FX Custom Enchancer Drops

Thanks for reading :)

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  1. That highlighter looks absolutely amazing!

    Adrianna xx

  2. LOVE the look of this and loving the creativity of the photography too! Xx

    Georgia x

  3. This looks stunning! x

  4. I am so keen on trying these illuminating drops. They look stunning!