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January 10, 2019

Happy 2019!

I'll start by addressing how I always seem to feel motivated to reboot my blog at the beginning of each year, an embarrassing new years resolution that I never keep. I love blogging and I want to keep with it, but what I've noticed one of the other reasons I want to start blogging at this particular time of year is due to S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder). For the past few years I have been dealing with S.A.D causing me too feel unmotivated and overall shitty. I do personally deal with mental health year round but it really hits me during the winter months. When I feel like this all I want to do is stay in bed and do nothing, yet I want to do something? I scroll through Instagram and look at other peoples lives wishing I were them, obviously this is very unhealthy and doesn't help the situation except making it worse.

SO here I am yet again trying to push myself to doing what I love and stop making excuses, I figured this post would be a great way to get back into blogging while addressing my current issues. Today I want to list out a few MINOR ways to help with seasonal affective disorder, if you are in the same situation its always good to talk to a doctor because not all things can be solved with a bubble bath.... unfortunately. If you're looking for some things to perk up your mood this dark season, hopefully these will help.

  • Exercise
"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands" - Elle Woods (Legally Blonde, legendary film)

I mean... It's true haha. But besides the scientific facts ;) , just getting into a routine of doing something thats good for you will make you feel better mentally and physically. Honestly, I haven't worked out in a while so this is also me trying to inspire myself to get into the habit of it.

  • Natural light
On the few days that the sun is shining, enjoy it! Get outside or at least open your curtains and let the light in. I've been reading up on light therapy and the reviews are all positive but honestly I still wanted the light to look good in my house. I found a white salt lamp on Amazon, I would link it but the particular one I got that was advertised for S.A.D is currently unavailable. For the short time that I have had it, i'm not sure if it really works but I can imagine its meant to be on most of the time and close to common areas you would be in such as a work desk. Maybe i'll just have to try out one of the "unattractive" lamps.
  • Journaling
Not all people are comfortable with writing down their feelings and that is okay, that doesn't have to be what your journal is for. I like to make lists, it could be things I would like to accomplish in a day or even a list of future goals to focus on. We're constantly typing or using technology so it feels nice to go back to using a pen and paper.
  • Keeping a busy schedule
For me personally, I work full time but with my current job it slows down in the winter time so I don't get as many hours as usual. When i'm busy at work I don't have time to focus on negative thoughts, but when its slow and i'm only working 3 days a week I have lots of free time to sit around think about what I could be doing with my life... Without actually doing anything about it. 

During this free time I want to be more productive, if there is nothing important that needs to be done I will spend my time wisely. This could involve organizing/deep cleaning, treating myself to a bath or at home facial, read, exercise etc!
  • Don't be alone!
As much as we like our own company its important to interact with others and surround yourself with positive and creative people. 
  • Optimistic future
Don't dwell on the present, be excited about the future. Maybe you're excited about a trip coming up later in the year, thats great! But its also important to be excited about the near future, because during this lousy time of year it could feel like these happy events are so far away. Plan events for the next month or two that you can look forward to because they are only a few weeks away!

Sorry that I bounced back and forth from giving advice to others while also giving advice to myself haha. I made this list to hopefully force myself to get my sad ass up and take action so that I can feel better. 

But please, let me know how you deal with seasonal affective disorder because I need some damn motivation!

Here's to a happy and healthy 2019!

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  1. I so love how you explained this, it sounds exactly like what my friend is going trough right now. He always seems so happy and joyful, but lately I just can't get this downfeel vibe out of him, so I think it could be this!




  2. You got this Karlee. You opened up about it and that is the first step to getting over it. What you described is real. How do I know? I am battling with it too. Just that I didn't know it's name until now (thanks to this post).
    Thanks for sharing about it and please please stay consistent on this space because you have a lot to teach people.

    Looking forward to more posts because I just added your blog to my reader list. :)

    And hey, thanks for the comment you left on my blog because that's how I found yours.

    Ngumabi xxo |

  3. Great tips!
    I enjoy journaling and I love putting self-made
    stickers on my journal, makes it more fun.
    Have a great 2019 and thanks for the tips.


  4. Thanks for sharing darling, first step is to open up and talk about, which you are doing. This will help a lot of people who are also going through the same things as you. Keep up the good work!


  5. Seasonal depression is real! I've been doing the same things you have mentioned too to get me through the Winter. It does help!

  6. Aparently, seasonal depression is way too real. I suffered from it several times and each time with Spring came peak of motivation. This year I'm also starting fresh and trying to keep up with my busy blogging schedule. I think what helps the most with depressive states is hydration and definitely staying active.

  7. I love how you explain it. What a thoughtful blog post! natural light and don't be alone.. I love those tips!! so happy to stumble upon your blog! have a wonderful weekend! x

  8. I plan on keeping busy and working out this winter for sure!!


  9. I'll never get sick of that Legally Blonde quote, it's just the first thing my mind thinks of when it thinks of the word exercise and it's benefits, haha. I've been exercising regularly for a while now and I really do find that it benefits me more mentally than even physically, just moving my body and doing something active makes me feel really good afterwards.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  10. Great post!