I'm deleting my Instagram

July 10, 2019

Ok... Not really. Its obvious I haven't kept up with blogging and honestly that's fine with me. Once it became stressful (which didn't take long), I stopped. I tried getting inspired by doing the February photo challenge on the Instagram I started just for this blog, but felt annoyed and unimpressed by each photo I took.
So here I am to upload these posts so they are not gone forever after I delete my failed Instagram.

First we have my bath photo which wasn't apart of the Instagram challenge but it was my first real post on this account and I liked how it was edited.
Side note: I will not be finishing this book because it took a weird sci-fi twist which I wasn't expecting and it's also not my style of story.

February 1st - Cozy

February 2nd - Flowers

Pretty much asked my boyfriend to buy these for me just for the challenge, no shame.

February 3rd - Journal/writing

I would like to journal more often, I used to so much when I was in school and it was a very creative and memorable activity for me.

February 4th - Mirror OOTD

This was from the day we went out to take pictures for my last blog post, it was so cold I'm so happy its now summer and 30 degrees out almost every day.

February 5 - Drink

Was pretty proud of my editing skills on this one, the brown table wouldn't fit in with the 'cool tone'  theme I was going for.

Here is the unedited photo:

February 6 - Feet selfie

February 7 - Work surface

February 8 - Outfit flat lay

I never wore this outfit, actually I've never even worn these pants...

February 9 - Someone you love 

We were watching the newest season of Shameless at this time, but always watch it on the TV and not my laptop. But the white bedding background was more aesthetically pleasing so we spent 20 min replaying the Shameless intro on Youtube just to get the perfect shot,

February 10 - A quote

Annnnnd this is where things went downhill. I don't think I even tried to find a quote for day 10. I just started posting whatever I wanted but kind of used the photo challenge for inspiration I guess?

I envisioned these cupcakes to turn out cuter than they did, but they still tasted really good! They were vanilla cupcakes with a fresh strawberry buttercream and chocolate covered strawberries for decoration.

My boyfriend and I love making homemade pizza (if you count the Kraft pizza kit as homemade), and we shaped mine into a heart for Valentines day :)

Went to a funky wine shop in my town mainly for the photo op, still walked out with a bottle of wine though heh.

And there we are! Now I can delete my blog Instagram and not feel like the effort that went into these photos are completely wasted.

I'm not going to make a new goal to blog more often because I never keep to it, but if I feel like sharing something/documenting something once in a blue moon, I will!!

My boyfriend and I went to Vancouver Island early June and I took plenty of photos, both film and digital that I'm considering making a post about. So look forward to that!

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  1. wow! so fun going through the photos. love it! I sometimes get annoyed too when it gets stressful with blogging. I find it really important to take breaks and enjoy life while being offline. x
    have a fab day!