baby haul

March 29, 2013

Hey guess what? This is the first haul i've ever made a blog post about *crowd cheers* *Karlee's wallet is empty* *Karlee sobs*. But yes this is a very small haul because I had no money to begin with and now I really have no money. Me and my mom went into town just to go into American Apparel to get the skirt I have really wanted, and then we had some more time to kill and went to the mall... Resulting in me buying just a couple more things. But I am okay with that because I don't really have anything to wear for spring so now I guess I am a bit more prepared.

Yup I know, it's beautiful. If you have seen my last 2 wish lists then you would know that I have wanted this skirt from American Apparel for quite a while now, and I am so happy that I got it.

stomach is showing, yolo
I tried it on in purple as well because the colour is to die for, but the denim skirt is easier to style so I thought that was the best choice. If I were to come across 1 million dollars, I would probably buy this skirt in every possible colour... Lets also take a moment to appreciate this crop top I tried on. It is really plain but the thing I love about it is how the fit is so perfect. I think it looks cute with the skirt too so when I went to the mall, I tried looking for a cheaper alternative but was very disappointed when I found nothing even close to it. Next time I happen to have some money and be near an AA, this will be the first thing I get my hands on.

Now I happened to have an American Eagle gift card left over from Christmas, and it was 40% off you're entire purchase today so I was kind of obligated to buy something right? Anyways, this was the only thing that I bought from there and I realized I only have 1 black skirt and it is a pencil skirt which is very uncomfortable to wear. I love the pleats in this one, and the zipper in the back is such a cute addition.

this picture is a lie, my hair isnt actually this long
The last thing that I bought today is this skater dress from bluenotes and it was only $12!!!! I normally don't go for things that are this bright and out there, but this colour just spoke to me in a way that the black version couldn't. There was also a white version, and a pink version which I was torn between but the only white in my size had a stain on it and there was no pink in my size :( The only downside of this dress is that is is kind of see through, but that is okay I think that I will manage.

So there was my haul, as you can see I bought very similar shaped items, I think that is because right now I am obsessed with the look of skater dresses and circle skirts... They make me look like I have hips when they are actually non-existent, tehee.

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Love Karlee :)
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  2. you look amazing- love the skirt! want to follow eachother?xx

  3. Black skirt looks gorgeous on you!
    .Georgina Clare.

  4. cute stuff! Love the denim skirt xoxo

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog hun and the sweet comment, love the pieces you bought! The dress is gorgeous! Let me know if you follow so I can follow back ;-)

    xoxo Pakize

    Madame Keke

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