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April 05, 2013

I did promise another collection post soon and here it is! While taking pictures of my candles it became very clear to me how many candles I actually have/had... It's a little crazy, so I guess we should just get right into it starting off with Bath and Body Works.

French Baguette & Lilac Blossom & Garden Freesia
The pictures on the Bath and Body works Candles are always so cute and match the scent so well!

Top Row: Winter Wonderland & Leaves & Sensual (black currant vanilla)
Bottom Row: Garden Bouquet & Market Peach & Cider Lane & Lemon Mint Leaf & Strawberry
Leaves is the best smelling candle for fall (although its spring at the moment) I have ever smelt, that is all I have to say.

Yankee Candle "Fresh Cut Roses" & TokyoMilk "Dead Sexy" & Voluspa "Santiago Huckleberry"
These are the three non B&BW candles because I have a B&BW obsession and tend to buy candles from there because their 2 for $20 drags me in every time so I never buy any other brands of candles.

I was just going to end the post here until I had remembered how many used up candles I had been saving and this is when I realized I am a candle addict because I know that there was defiantly more than this before (I have either thrown out the empty jars or cleaned them out to use the jars).

Now here are a couple pictures of what I did with my previous empty candle jars after I had cleaned them out...

Hope you enjoyed this post, although it is very simple and there is many tutorials out there, if you want I can make a post about how I clean out my used up candle jars.

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  1. I like how candles smells but I'm not a huge fan ! But they're cool !

  2. So jealous! I only have one big candle right now, but I plan on buying a whole bunch more!

  3. how sweet are these candles!! I'm so addicted to scented essence and products!
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin'?

  4. I wished we had B&BW here, the shope is literally a smelling haven to walk into ;)

  5. Omg, I'm really jealous! In Auatralia we don't have Bath and Body Works and I would love love love to sniff these candles! They looks so pretty as well! X