Pet names...?

April 09, 2013

Hello everyone, I hope that your week has started off happy and bright! Yesterday my family happened to buy a new pet, a fancy bearded dragon to be more specific. We are not sure whether it is a girl or boy yet, but it doesn't really matter because I don't think were planning on breeding reptiles anytime soon haha!

We still have yet to find a name for this little guy (I'm just going to suspect this is a boy to make name calling for now much easier), so that is where all of you come in...

I would love to hear your name suggestions in the comments, it can be male or female names and whatever the name may be, that is what the gender will be :)

I will let you know in a future post what name we have chosen, so please comment your suggestions below because I would love to hear all of them!

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Love Karlee :)
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  1. That's so funny because my little brother just asked me to help him name a character in his short story for school who was a lizard! I chose the name Ezra :)

  2. What about Spike? I think it suits him:')

  3. What about Eddie Lizzard like the comedian? :)
    ~ Liv x

  4. What a cutie! How about Speckle? I know someone with a similar lizard and she named hers Peanut.
    Sabrina at

  5. Speckle is a quite a cute name ^^
    I also like Iggy, Pepper, Pebble, Kobi (wierd but suits him) and Peanut (like above)