Photos from my Easter weekend

April 03, 2013

Today we have a not so exciting post, but I really wanted to put some pictures up from this weekend because the weather was gorgeous and I left the house every day (this doesn't usually happen) to go out and do something! Also, the majority of these photos were taken with my phone so please excuse the rough quality.

Me and my friend left school a little early on Thursday to go back to my house and go rollerblading along the beach, I'm glad we did because I had so much fun!

On Friday I went into town with my mom to walk around the little shops, pop by American Apparel to pick up the skirt I have been wanting for ages, go to the Japanese gardens, and then decided we would go to the mall and blow the last of out money. (haul is here)

Since me and my friend had such a good time rollerblading Thursday, we decided to go again but invite two of our other friends. Then later on I made red velvet cupcakes and I went to my friends house to sleep over and paint Easter eggs! Oh, and please excuse my disgusting nails, I kind of picked off all of the nail polish and this is what I was left with...

I got back from my friends house in the morning to come home and find that my mom made me a little easter hunt to do with my step dad :') She is so cute, I know. Then we sat around for a little while until we had to get ready and go to my grandparents house for Easter dinner!

Monday was the day that I didn't really do much, me and my step dad went kayaking around noon and then went to walmart after, to find that when we got into the parking lot he forgot his wallet... So we turned around, stopped by starbucks and I stayed home for the second trip to walmart to tan in the beautiful okanagan sun!

Thank you all so much for reading and getting me so close to 100 followers, that is just insane! I am hoping to do another post about one of my collections next so stay tuned for that.

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  1. That first picture is beautiful! I have the same red blouse as you :)

  2. I love the way that you sum up your week !