Bike ride adventure.

June 09, 2013

Yesterday my step dad and I drove up to a small lake near a camping site in the town where I live. We had been there before very briefly when we were quadding and passed through quickly. It was in winter time when we went so we didn't really feel like stopping to take a look around. The view from every angle of the lake is beautiful so I wanted to go back, thats why we went yesterday. We brought our bikes along and one of our dogs (wasn't enough room in the truck for all 3) to bike on the dirt trails.  The trails were so rocky that my little bike couldn't take it, so we didn't go for very long but I think sometime next month we may go camping there. I still was able to get some pretty snaps while we were there though, so enjoy! 

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...Love Karlee...

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  1. These pictures are so gorgeous, that lake looks beautiful.

    Thank you for following me honey, I'm following on bloglovin'


  2. lovely photos! :-)
    - x Cerys x -