DIY dip dye/ombre shorts

July 18, 2013

Today I really wanted to do a DIY so I took a look around the thrift store by my house for some inspiration...

hehe my kitty wanted to be in the picture I guess
After a long time of searching I found these capris for only $3! I thought these would be perfect because they are high waisted and have a draw string in case they end up being too big.

Now that I have my pants, let's start cutting!

  1. You want to first try on your pants and determine where you would like them to be cut off.
  2. Draw a line a little bit below your desired length, this extra bit will be key just in case you cut too short! (Which I ended up doing)

  3. Now start cutting on your line until you hack off a whole pant leg... But do be gentle while cutting, we don't want any jagged edges. Once you have cut off one pant leg, fold the pants in half so that the waist is perfectly lined up, this is important if you want your shorts to be even.

  4. Yaaay, you now have shorts!

  5. Into a medium sized bucket, pour in one part water and 2 parts bleach and soak 1-2 inches of the bottom half of your shorts depending on how long they are. Wait about 5 minutes and your shorts should start looking lighter on the bleached areas. If you want your shorts to be a bit more blended, you can dunk another 1-2 inches of your shorts into the bleach for around 2-4 minutes. This all depends on how light you want the bottoms of your shorts to be. I SUGGEST BLEACHING OUTSIDE-- on concrete.

  6. After the bottoms of my shorts became light brown, I hung them up to dry in the sun for 15 minutes... I don't really know why I did this, but I do think the sunlight helped achieve the white-ness in my shorts.

  7. Now wash and dry your shorts and you are ready to wear them!
    Before & after!!!!
Now a tribute to the cute detailing on the pants...

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