feeling blah

March 02, 2015

Recently I have been feeling very uninspired and just flat out bored with my life. Maybe this'll change in a couple of days but I still feel like I need something different in my life to satisfy myself for the time being. For the past few years I have been very passionate/intrigued about makeup and the whole field itself. But I just don't feel like it is the right career path for me, it is the one thing I truly enjoy but i'm not to certain I would be able to go up against the many other very talented competitors.
My job at Call it Spring has really opened my eyes a bit more to the business and marketing world, so I think that is something I should really look more into whether it will be for beauty or fashion.
As far as right now though I do need some kind of present change maybe that'll be changing my hair colour (silver hair looks amazing and that is something I would looove to do), going on a trip just to get inspired again and be more outdoorsy, or even look into moving out of my parents house. I'm only 18 so moving out isn't something I need to do yet but it would probably help to make me feel a bit better about myself/learn to feel more independent.
So pretty much right now I really want to be legal (only a few more months until the big 19), have many tattoos, be living in an apartment with a few fun roomies, and have a fun job that I enjoy and can support myself with.
I just need to keep reminding myself i'm still in the early half of my life and I have the rest of it to figure all of this shit out.

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