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February 09, 2016

So I haven't made a blog post since May 2015 and lots have changed since then. I no longer work at Spring, I would have liked to stay there because I loved everyone I worked with but I wasn't getting enough hours. I got a job as an insurance delivery driver at my moms office where I was getting my full 40 hours a week. I tried to keep my job at spring for Sundays but I couldn't handle working 6 days a week. Being a delivery driver proved to be a lot of stress for me because I never wanted to be late for a delivery. Luckily I only had to do deliveries for 2 months, now I am working in the office and have my level 1 in insurance studying to get my level 2.

In July I turned 19, above is a snippet of my birthday outfit. Since then i've only gone out once so i'm not really taking advantage of being legal quite yet haha.

On Canada day last year we got a new puppy, his name is Oliver and he is a yappy little shit. But I still love him :)

In October I took the plunge and went blonde. The first picture is the second time I got it bleached and the second is an overly edited photo of how I would like my hair to be. In an hour I have an appointment to get my roots done, being blonde is a loooooot of upkeep.

Other than that I haven't been up to a whole lot. Work and the boyfriend take up a lot of my time and when I have nothing to do I take advantage of it and lay around and do nothing.
Unfortunately I haven't been enjoying doing my makeup as much as I used to because I hate waking up extra early in the morning to do it as nice as I would like. After finishing my insurance level 2 I need to spend more time keeping myself inspired, taking more pictures, blogging, journaling, whatever it may be to get me back to how creative I used to be. I miss that.

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  1. Hi! I suck at keeping my blog as active as I'd like, too. But the best thing is that you're back up! Hello! Lovely photos - you look great btw! Hope you enjoy your new job! :D