Jones Lake

January 26, 2017

Near the end of May 2016 my boyfriend and I went on a little roadtrip to Vancouver for our 2 year anniversary. The first night we camped at Jones Lake near Hope/Chilliwack, our plan was to camp for at least 2 out of the 3 days we would be in Vancouver but the first night was so exhausting that we ended up booking a hotel for the other 2 nights. We had lots of fun camping, other than driving around the lake for a good 1.5 hours looking for somewhere that we could park my car (that is sooo not made for off roading/mud whatsoever) and set up camp for the night. If you know the coast of BC, you know it rains a lot. I'm used to it seeing as I grew up there and love the rain, and as you will see in the pictures we were surrounded by old trees but it was so wet we couldn't make a fire :(

Anyways, I was just uploading some pictures for a future blog post and came across these photos that I don't really have much to do with. Enjoy!

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