My favorite liquid lipstick brands.

January 29, 2017

Today I wanted to share with you my top 3 brands for liquid lipsticks, i'm mainly going to be talking about the consistency and colour pay off rather than the overall colours in the range because as you will see I tend to go for the same type of shades (nudes, pinks and reds).

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Craft, Pure Hollywood, Dolce
First I will start with Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks, I am going to be honest these are my least favorite of the three. The formula is more of a mousse than a liquid, which comes in handy whilst applying because it makes the process a bit easier and less messy. The downfall of this is that the lipstick never really dries, which is kind of the point of a liquid lipstick.... Another thing is that most of the lighter shades leave almost a white ring around the inside of your mouth over time, which I can't seem to understand and it is pretty gross. I find that wearing a lipliner underneath usually minimizes this issue. Other than those two things I enjoy wearing this brand, buuut I tend to reach for it less than my other two liquid lipsticks.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Rose Matter, Gemini, Mannequin
My second favorite would be Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks, I actually got these three as a set for Christmas. The colours look fairly similar, but as any makeup enthusiast would say they are all very different ;) And you can never have too many nude shades! The first thing I love about this particular brand of liquid lipsticks is the applicator, it's larger than other applicators and has a little hole in the top which holds the product so that you don't have to constantly dip back into the bottle while applying. Another thing would have to be the yummy smell, the older formulas used to not have any added fragrance until recently. The three shades I have all smell like root beer but I know some of the newer shades he has come out with have more of a sweet candy smell. For the formula, it is similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills in that it has the same moussey texture but the lipstick actually dries! It also stays on all day, so long as you don't eat anything oily which tends to remove most liquid lipsticks anyway.

(as per left photo, top to bottom) Kat Von D: Berlin, Lolita II, Bow N Arrow, Outlaw

Here is my last and favorite liquid lipstick out of all 3 that I own (I do own one too faced lipstick but only one shade so I don't care to share it until I have a bigger collection). I am actually surprised I only own 4 of the KVD liquid lipsticks, I was tempted to buy the set from Sephora with all of the shades in full size but its $300 and lets be honest I don't need that many lipsticks right now. The thing I love about this formula is that it is actually a liquid! Once its applied it dries within minutes and I don't even notice I'm wearing a lipstick during the day. If you have dry lips I would suggest tending to those first before wearing this lipstick, if your lips are flaky this formula will enhance that big time. I don't find this an issue as long as I exfoliate my lips and wear a lip balm underneath of the lipstick.

Swatches from my journal, the shades are way off from what they are in real life seeing as I had to up the contrast on this photo so much.
Thanks for reading :)

P.S. I apologize for switching back and forth between the Canadian and American way of spelling things, I am so bad for this and I need to work on it haha.

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  1. I cannot explain all my love for Kat Von Dee lipstick!! Those are all my favourite shades too!

    xx, Pia

  2. Aw I loved the little journal swatches, I had to pin them on my Pinterest! That's interesting you say that about ABH, and so weird about the white ring thing!!! Out of these I've only tried Kat Von D and you're right, it can be quite drying but I've learnt with a good bit of moisturising first they're fine!

    Sinéad ♥ Check out my re-launched blog HERE