How to maintain cool toned blonde hair!

March 25, 2017

Hello hello! Since I got back into blogging a couple of months ago I have been wanting to make a post about my hair, my most popular blog post is actually one I did back in 2013 about growing out my hair (read it here). It got a good amount of buzz on Pinterest, 368 pins to date which I take as a success seeing as I don't have a large following!

Near the end of 2015 I started on my journey of going blonde, I booked an appointment with a girl I had seen on Instagram a couple of times who does a beautiful job at transitioning girls into blondies. Like any good honest hair dresser she didn't promise me the silver hair that I so badly wanted due to my hair being red for the last couple of years. But she is a hair wizard and here I am today with the hair of my dreams!

On my other hair post, before I got into how I planned on growing out my hair I shared my hair from the previous years to show the variety of lengths, and I want to show that here today from the many different stages that my hair went through to get it to how I wanted it.

As you can see from the first photo my hair used to be a vibrant red/purple, I loved having my hair red (I still do and kind of miss it, but i'd rather be blonde hehe). I think it took us about three sessions to get my hair to the white blonde that I wanted, but keep in mind that it may take longer for you, love the process! Appreciate this journey you are going on with your hair and remember that you will eventually get to where you want. Am I being too inspirational and sappy??? Maybe but I just don't understand when people expect their hairdressers to get their hair from black to bleach blonde in one session.. It takes time and money, nothing is that easy!!

Ok I am going to calm down and get on with how I try to maintain my hair from going yellow in between dyes!

Hoping to improve my flat lay photo skills because this is weakkkkk
I love beauty products but I have never been one to buy much for my hair. So I only have a couple products to share but I 100% recommend them if you're trying to keep your hair from going yellow and brassy.


First off is this mask that I have been using since the beginning, but I actually use it as a conditioner instead of a mask. I usually only wash my hair 1-2 times a week so I don't use this as much as someone else may that washes their hair more frequently. Sometimes when I wash my hair and use this mask (or conditioner lol) I get asked if I just got my hair done because it tones my hair so well.

PRO TIP: If your hairdresser is willing, get them to add a little bit of toner into your conditioner or shampoo so that your hair gets even more of a boost of colour every time you wash. 

My hairdresser suggested this and I am so glad she did, she also advised me to shake the bottle very well every time because the products do separate and it may be a disaster if you just put toner on your hair....


I just want to start by mentioning this is my first time purchasing this product and I bought the 350ml bottle from my salon for $60 (the 1000ml was $90 and even though that is a better deal I couldn't fathom spending that much on a shampoo). But looking up the link on Amazon the 1000ml bottle is only $59?! When I repurchase I am soooo buying online.

Anyways, since I have only used this a few times I don't have much to say yet but I really do like it! My hair hasn't been even slightly yellow since I have started using it, my hands actually get stained blue for a few minutes after which I'm okay with because then I know my hair is getting stained too haha. If you want a better review of this shampoo there is so many positive reviews on Amazon that will convince you to buy it!


Lastly is not so much a product to keep your hair a cool blonde, but an obvious tip to keep your hair a cool blonde. As I mentioned above, I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week and I think that is another reason my hair has maintained its colour so well. The obviousness of this tip is that the less you wash your hair, the less times your the toner has a chance to wash out of your hair. Also your hair stays healthier with its natural oils keeping it moisturized :)

To keep my greasy hair at bay, dry shampoo is my go-to! I've tried several dry shampoos throughout the years and my all time fav is Dove. It's cheap, smells good, and works!! I have been using dry shampoo since before I was blonde and always had the issue of the white residue never fully blending away. Dove's dry shampoo never did that to me even when I had darker hair, but now that I have blonde hair I don't have to worry about white residue with any dry shampoo yay!

That is all I have today, thank you for reading and I hope it helped you out even a little! If you have blonde hair (or even dark hair) please leave me some tips on how you keep it looking fresh af! ;)

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  1. Great tips! Your hair is absolutely stunning. The color from February is my favorite. :)

    Looks by Lau

  2. I'm so jealous of your hair colour! I bleach mine as I have strawberry blonde hair naturally, and trying to keep it smooth, soft and still bright is a pain. The product I currently use leaves the end half of my hair a yellowy colour from the oil!

    I'm really glad you suggested these products and can't wait to see if they work on me as well!

    Alys |