Wishing for Spring

February 01, 2019

Spent another Thursday with my friend taking photos and going for coffee. I think one of my BIG blog goals is to be more confident taking photos in public, these pictures could have turned out better if I wasn't so self-concious. Most of the time I'm focusing on passerbys rather than how the actual photo will turn out, so I pose awkwardly or choose locations that will have minimal people walking by. There are so many cool places to take photos where I live but I'm too scared of what people will think. I hate this way of thinking because honestly, who the hell cares!

If you have any tips on taking photos in public confidently please let me know!

A vegan pink London fog latte, yum!

Sweater Dress BooHoo
Necklace Aldo
Coat | BooHoo
Shoes | Nine West
Purse Guess

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  1. Spring and summer please come back soon.